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Drawings Available

Updated: 09/21/2014


Female Seated: Emma (conté crayon)


Female Reclining (conté crayon)


Female Seated, Striped Dress (vine charcoal)


Female Head 007 (graphite)

Degas pose.jpg

Dancer in Degas Pose (graphite)


Self Portrait 2012

Cove Pine.jpg

Cove Pine

bluebird house.jpg

Bluebird House

Female Seated Long Hair.jpg

Female Seated, Long Hair

Female Seated SemiDraped.jpg

Female Seated, Partial Drape


Female, Two Poses


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Website under construction

This website is currently under construction and does not show Lucy Ellen's complete selection of artwork. To obtain information about recent pastel paintings or drawings please email


Drawings Available

Figure Studies and other drawings in vine charcoal, graphite, and conté crayon by Lucy Ellen Smith are now available for sale. Contact Lucy at for prices and more information.